Murdered Voices

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Murdered Voices is not a murder mystery or thriller where the victim is put on public display. Murdered Voices is the preamble to the examination of the murder of 252,287 American women, giving recognition to their lives. Murdered Voices is filled with information that is not commonly known which we want to share with you. We want the American woman to believe something can be done to prevent the rapes and murders that are occurring throughout our country. Some of you may want to sit at home and pretend all is well but every time your daughter walks out of your home the possibility that she may not return grows exponentially. The only chance she has to survive is if you stand up, become informed, and participate in the defense of yourself. Also, for you to say “My husband loves me” in the face of adultery is comparable to committing suicide. There is nothing wrong with loving a man and being careful but not foolish at the same time. Just because you are married does not mean your brain has to stop working. Two plus two equals four whether you are married or single. The question is, why does he want to take a large life insurance policy out on your life (e.g. Mrs. Sherri Dally, Mrs. Liana Duke, Mrs. Trish Willoughby, Mrs. Miriam Illes, Mrs. Carol Bruce, Mrs. Nannette Hansen, Mrs. Leslie Larson, Mrs. Cathy Frost Larson, etc.), when you do not have children? Would it not help you to know how other women were murdered in this country and the signs leading up to their deaths? Do you not think this information would improve your chances of survival?

List Price: $32.95
Page Count : 708 pages
7″ x 10″ (17.78 x 25.4 cm)
Black & White on White paper
Touched by the Light Publishing


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