Do This In Remembrance of Me

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Welcome, if you have landed on this page then likely you or someone you know are currently or have recently been a victim of violence. The books in the “Do This In Remembrance of Me” series are indeed a Wake Up Call to the millions of women who are going through abuse. The website that brought you to this page offers several sources of help and resources to help you get out of the situation you are in. These books will help you give you the mental strength you need to finally make the decision that it is time to leave. After reading the true stories of real women in this book, you will never procrastinate about leaving again.

The Series – Do This in Remembrance of Me was researched and written by Gloria G. Lee and edited by Valerie Cumming and Jonathan Lee Ames Hop


The Do This In Remembrance of Me series is being offered in eight volumes, The Deadliest Moment, Murder in The Family, The Career Rapist, The Recidivist, The Ultimate Punishment, …And Suddenly, The Silent Killers and In The Custody of Others. The series is the culmination of a 12 year study into the murders of 20,000 American females.

The series was written to effect a change in all America and the world with respect to the personal safety of women. “The eight volumes of “Do This In Remembrance of Me” contain historical data regarding the murder of over 20,000 American females from 1902 to 2009. The information we offer regarding the deaths of over 20,000 American women is overwhelming and it is not possible to read these books without enduring excruciating pain and sorrow. However, pain is not our objective nor is sensationalism. Our objective is to bring about a permanent change in the status of the American woman and the women of the world. To meet this objective penetrating information is being provided. We believe the women who paid the ultimate price for freedom should be immortalized. These women should never be forgotten. These books contain extremely sensitive information; our apologies and condolences to the reader if this information is regarding a relative, love one and or friend. Although these books contain in certain areas explicit descriptions of violence, extreme care was taken to allow the victims as much dignity as possible. As you read you will realize these descriptions were made to expand our understanding of violence and to prevent violence against women and children. Although “Do This in Remembrance of Me” discusses the murder of over 20,000 American women these books are about life not death. With every book a life can be saved, including yours.

Each month Touched By The Light Publishing offers a FREE book club discussion group conference call for the “Do This In Remembrance of Me” series. All readers of the series are invited to call in and discuss or ask the publisher questions regarding stories in the book. Here is the calendar, which is updated monthly.

All books in the series Do This In Remembrance of Me are 8.5 by 11 and are 500 pages in length and are priced at $44.99. This series tells a story never before read in America. You will never forget reading these books!

The books being advertised for sale on our websites were deliberately written to relieve the suffering of mankind to make man whole again. Touched by The Light Publishing is dedicated to bring light into the lives of people. Nothing is more important. We believe knowledge heals and brings about restoration. Reading is one of man’s most important activities. When men and women read they are encouraged, joy returns and expectations arise. To this we are dedicated.

Our Goal Is To Incite People to Read

Touched By The Light Publishing is dedicated to publishing books that lift the human spirit and inspire people to greatness. Our books cover a wide range of subjects with respect to our health, marriage, self-improvement, personal relationships, religion and change. It is important that we renew our minds by reading how other individuals have changed their lives. It is important that we never stop reading, studying and meditating on new ideas. It is also important that we continue to encourage ourselves and others and be prepared to meet the morning with enthusiasm and hope. You will never forget reading our books because of the unique manner in which the above subjects are treated.

Our books will:

  • Provide information so you can learn to control your emotions!
  • Show you how to defeat negative thinking and how to live life the way you want!
  • Discuss how hope will bring possibilities into your life!
  • Discuss how to have the courage to face any obstacle!
  • Give details as to how to get to know the Lord in a deeper, more powerful way in these times.
    Man has only one challenge in life and that is to stand.



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