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Touched By The Light Prison Ministry

The Wall Project Introduction


The Wall Project Part One


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Touched by the Light Prison Ministry is dedicated to bringing a fresh new perspective to the crisis we are facing in our prison system.  Simply put, our correctional institutions are overflowing with inmates which is placing a horrendous social and financial burden on society that should not exist.  Our  approach is simple: reach prisoners and affect the way they think by providing books introducing topics such as ethics, problem solving etc.  We offer prisoners and outgoing inmates five publications that are designed to rework their view of life, and give men concrete tools to change their lives.  We work at the fundamental level.  If a man leaves prison thinking the same think he did when he went into prison then the cycle will never end.  If a man leaves prison with the mindset that he now has a standard of conduct, faith in his ability to prosper himself, and the knowledge that some one cared enough about his date to reach out to him in prison then the cycle maybe broken forever

We need your help.  We are asking churches, civic groups, and all that care to purchase a book for a prisoner.  We believe a prisoner should be given intensive training while in prison so that once paroled he has confidence for the future, not fear.  To find out more about this and other projects, please email us ( and we will put you in contact with a local representative.  Thank you for your consideration.     If you have a relative in prison, you may want to help us with this project. Our project is designed to keep men and women from returning to prison.  Other books available to prisoners.
The article below demonstrates that society cannot contine to build more and more prison.s  Just how many men are we boing to exclude from the marketplace by not educating the poor?


The Wall Project consists of the distribution of the books to all male and females prisoners in the United States, in both state and federal prisons.  This is a monumental task, but we are committed to bringing the word of God and literacy to the men living behind bars.  The Wall Project was designed to intervene in a prisoner’s life while he or she is in prison so that the person can begin the process of rehabilitating his/her soul.  The book can also provide spiritual help to individuals on probation or in rehabilitation centers.  The books are tools that a person can use to build inner strength.   Our goal is to have men understand how important men are to the family structure.There are approximately 1.5 million men sitting in prisons in the United States.  This number is obscene.  This number reflects in part the number of children without fathers and the number of women living in this country without husbands.  This number also reflects the economic disparity in the workplace.  We as Americans must correct this situation.  We cannot let another generation of males grow up to become prisoners.     Something must be done to stop the violence.  Our publishing company believes introducing men to the word of God, ethics and moral behavior can reduce the violence being experienced all over this country.  Anyone can help with this project by purchasing a book for a prisoner and asking friends and family to do the same.


·         85 percent of all juveniles who interface with the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate.

·         More than 60 percent of all prison inmates are functionally illiterate.

·         Penal institution records show that inmates have a chance of returning to prison if they receive literacy help, as opposed to who receive no help. This equates to taxpayer costs of $25,000 per year per inmate and nearly double that amount for juvenile offenders.

·         Illiteracy and crime are closely related. The Department of Justice states, “The link between academic failure and delinquency, violence, and crime is welded to reading failure.” Over 70 of inmates in America’s prisons cannot read above a fourth grade level.


·         Literacy is learned. Illiteracy is passed along by parents who cannot read or write.

·         One child in four grows up not knowing how to read.

·         43 of adults at Level 1 literacy skills live in poverty compared to only 4 of those at Level 5

·         3 out of 4 food stamp recipients perform in the lowest 2 literacy levels

·         90 of welfare recipients are high school dropouts

·         16 to 19 year old girls at the poverty level and below, with below average skills, are 6 times more likely to have out-of-wedlock children than their reading counterparts.

·         Low literary costs $73 million per year in terms of direct health care costs. A recent study by Pfizer put the cost much higher.

      A true Christian, a man who walks in faith, does not need to rob a convenience store nor does he need to peddle drugs.  In fact, resorting to crime is in and of itself a statement: “God cannot or will not deliver me, therefore, I must put him aside and find my own way.”  A Christian knows that God has a plan for his or her prosperity, even if he or she has come from a poverty stricken area, a broken home, or a poor school system.
   We would like you to purchase a set of books, five in all, for a prisoner or an exiting inmate.  The set includes these five titles.  You can click on the book cover to read a preview of each book.


 Our signature publication is, “If You Believe in God You Do Not Belong in Prison.”   Below are some of the hundreds of thank you letters we have received from inmates in our program.  We will let their words speak for themselves.
   Letter 1    Letter 2    Letter 3   Letter 4Prisoner Correspondence with the Author  (1)
Prisoner Correspondence with the Author  (2)

The total cost if books are purchased separately is $88.75 for male prisoners.  To encourage people to purchase books for prisoners we will sell a set of books costs $75, a savings of $13.75.  The books for female prisoners cost $93.80 when purchased separately.  Purchased as a set the books cost $80.00, with a savings of $13.80.  We invite you to buy multiple sets, as we have many men to reach and the sooner the word reaches these men the more tragedy we can avert.   All books for prisoners must be mailed to the correctional facility from the publisher.   This offer is only for books purchased for prisoners.   

If you want a book to go to a specific prisoner please write us at Touched By The Light Publishing, P.O. Box 7267, Ann Arbor, Michigan  48107.  We must have the prisoners full name, prison number and the correctional facility address.  

Fact Sheet

  • Of the 108,580 prisoners released from prisons in 11 states in 1983, nearly 63 percent were re-arrested within three years, 47 percent were convicted of a new crime, and 41 percent were returned to prison or jail.
  • Among nearly 300,000 prisoners released in 15 states in 1994, 68 percent were re-arrested within three years, 47 percent were convicted of a new crime, and 25 percent were recommitted to prison with a new sentence.
  • Recently published findings from a major study known as the Multisite Adult Drug Court Evaluation show that drug courts do reduce offender recidivism
  • Research has conclusively demonstrated that participation in a variety of programs that teach marketable skills literacy and occupational training, parenting programs, programs that emphasize personal responsibility, respect, and tolerance of others helps to reduce recidivism
  • Did you know Low health literacy cost Americans 238 billion dollars per year?
  • Did you know that two-thirds of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of the 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare?

Books For Female Prisoners

The Perfect Gift For The Young Male Who Does Not Like Reading or Who Can’t Read
The Perfect Gift For Your Husband or Brother
The Perfect Gift For Your Father
The Perfect Gift For Your Son or Nephew
The Perfect Gift For Someone Fighting a Mental Battle

Touched By The Light is not a non profit organization.  Your book purchase is not tax deductible.  All books sent to prisoners must be mailed by the publishing company.  If you want a book to go to a specific prisoner please write us at Touched By The Light Publishing, P.O. Box 7267, Ann Arbor, Michigan  48107.  We must have the prisoners full name, prison number and correctional facility address.  Email us at:

The Female Prisoner Book Pack

The ” Female Prisoner Book Pack ” is priced at a limited time discount price of $80.00
and it consists of the following books:






You Are The Prophet of Your Life





A Christian is Never Desperate


Women of Courage Part One







Gods Encouraging Word


Click Here To Purchase The Female Prisoner Book Pack


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